First Credit Services

is a BPO company that specializes in accounts receivables management and customer service outsourcing. We have over 25 years of compliant collections and receivables management experience and work with some of the most recognized brands in the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to build effective outsourcing programs to meet the exact requirements of each business partner no matter their size.


At First Credit Services, we are always at the forefront of innovation and leverage advanced technologies to serve our customers better. We know that the consumer demographics and behaviors are always changing and so should our strategy. We recognize traditional methods like phone calls are not going to be effective when engaging Millennials and Gen Z. Combined, these two generations are responsible for almost a third of consumer debt. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in building an Omni-Channel platform and machine learning engines to optimize engagements for all consumers. We are the next generation of collections.

What sets us apart

  • OmniXP
  • EngageRight
  • Service & Compliance
  • Data Security

Our revolutionary Omnichannel platform provides personalized experiences and remarkable engagements by giving consumers the freedom to choose how they communicate with us. It allows us to be accessible through a wide variety of channels and reach customers where they are, actively bringing down the barriers to successful communication. We’ve opened the communication lines up, allowing comfortable engagements for all consumers!

Our proprietary Machine Learning engine optimizes our engagements by building a customized path for each consumer. Repeated failed call attempts can lead to avoidance, complaints, and call blocking. EngageRight ensures that we call the right person, at the right phone number, at the right time and thus creates the highest opportunities for connections and collections.
We have dedicated departments for both training and compliance. These resources ensure that all agents meet proper messaging and compliance standards while communicating with your valued customers. Our ongoing training programs and continuous monitoring of calls make us one of the most compliant and customer-centric call centers in the industry.This ensures us to maintain our A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

FCS is HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1, and SOC 2 Type II Compliant. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is one of the most stringent and prestigious information security compliance certifications available. This certification verifies that organizations that accept and handle credit card information in their environment protect the cardholder data. This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to security and ensures our clients that all their customers’ information {especially credit card details} are secure and protected.

Global Footprint

FCS is a multinational company with both onshore and offshore locations. We are nationally licensed and capable of collecting in most countries. With FCS, there’s no need to manage multiple AR and call vendors, we can handle your full international portfolio.

Vision and Mission Statement

First Credit Services, Inc. dba Accounts Receivable Technologies exists to help customers augment their revenue cycle management processes and, in turn, helps consumers become financially responsible. To our clients, we will continue to be the vendor of choice and a leader who delivers a world class service in a professional, compliant manner, embracing change and producing results that exceed expectations. To our employees, we will continue to be the employer of choice by providing an environment characterized by energy, enthusiasm, and empowerment through training, development, and opportunity. To our community, we will continue to contribute and support the communities in which we operate through philanthropy, involvement, leadership, and a caring approach.

Social Mission Statement

As a proud Military Spouse Employment Partner (MSEP), First Credit Services is dedicated to creating jobs for military veterans and their families. We recently expanded our call center near Fort Benning in Columbus Ga, to create more jobs in this community that supports the base. For many years, we have relied on veterans as valued team members here at First Credit Services, and we are proud to support our United States veterans with fantastic training and employment opportunities.

Management philosophy

Our management philosophy thrives on the balance between providing leadership and guidance towards decision making, while empowering employees to become independent leaders themselves. The strategy of our management aims to set an example for all team members to manage with empathy and accountability. We focus on continuous training and enhancement for our employees in order to encourage knowledge development and skill development. As a company with many diverse and multicultural employees, we strive to create a motivating and inclusive environment where everyone is valued in order to nurture a positive attitude between co-workers, customers, and consumers.
Our Story
Our Story

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